Become a Faculty Representative

Udall faculty representatives are essential partners in the Foundation's recruitment and selection of scholars. A Udall FacRep advertises the Udall competition on their campus; helps to recruit and identify potential scholars; advises students on how best to prepare their applications; and ensures that all nominations are complete and submitted by the deadline. Udall FacReps can also help their students to have a positive, meaningful application experience, even when the student has not been selected as a scholar.

To become a faculty rep

  • Visit Find Your Faculty Representative first to be sure your institution has no active faculty rep;
  • Email Paula Randler with your full name, school name, title and school email address; and
  • If you are replacing someone as the faculty rep, please copy him or her in your email so the Foundation is aware of the transfer of responsibility.

A faculty rep's principal responsibilities are to

Please see the Role of the Faculty Representative for details and additional information.

Udall faculty representative Jill Deans with scholars Ethan Butler and Katherine Tsantiris at the 2011 Scholar Orientation