2008 Scholar

Dima Alfawakhiri
University of Illinois-Chicago

Dima Alfawakhiri
Dima is a third-year Chemical Engineering major at UIC who aspires to become a leading researcher in the field of renewable energy. Since her freshman year, she has been working to reduce energy usage at manufacturing facilities through UIC’s DOE Industrial Assessment Center, serving as Lead Student since last fall. Last summer, she worked on sustainable biofuels research at UOP in Des Plaines, IL, and this summer she is excited to travel to Karlsruhe University in Germany to work on a hydrogen purification process. Dima loves spending time outdoors, whether camping, snowboarding, or just touring the Chicago lakefront.

How can you describe a weekend of student leaders from across the U.S. with an intense passion to change the world? The Orientation was a phenomenal experience to meet and build connections that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Emily Bacha, 2009 Udall Scholar


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