2008 Scholar

Katherine P. McEachern
Cornell University

Katherine P. McEachern
Katherine McEachern is a junior at Cornell University studying interior design. Originally from North Carolina, she became active with the Sierra Student Coalition in high school and has since been active in various SSC Committees, including the Executive Committee. She also worked for the SSC's ReEnergize New Hampshire campaign, organizing a five-day march across the state calling for a clean energy economy. On campus she organizes with KyotoNOW! and was part of the founding of the New York Student Sustainability Coalition. Katherine also enjoys making jewelry, doing freelance graphic design and working in an on-campus coffee shop. She loves the Saturday farmers market, misses the Southern sun and tries to make it to as many good concerts as possible.

How can you describe a weekend of student leaders from across the U.S. with an intense passion to change the world? The Orientation was a phenomenal experience to meet and build connections that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Emily Bacha, 2009 Udall Scholar


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