2010 Scholar

Muktha S. Natrajan
University of Georgia

Muktha S. Natrajan
Muktha is pursuing a combined bachelor’s/master’s program in which she will earn a BS in genetics and an MPH in environmental health. She is currently conducting research on human neural stem cells, and after graduation, plans to enter a Ph.D. program in neuroscience focused on toxicology. Natrajan has spearheaded efforts for sustainable solutions through the Go Green Alliance, a coalition of UGA environmental groups. As grantwriter, she has written several proposals for locally and nationally competitive grants. Natrajan also serves as director of environmental programs for Promote Africa, a non-profit that supports community development projects in Africa.

How can you describe a weekend of student leaders from across the U.S. with an intense passion to change the world? The Orientation was a phenomenal experience to meet and build connections that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

Emily Bacha, 2009 Udall Scholar


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