For Recommenders

Native American Congressional Interns are selected primarily on the basis of their interest in learning about the federal government, their interest in tribal public policy or tribal governance, and their desire to support tribal communities.

Successful applicants will also demonstrate strong research and writing skills, high academic achievement, maturity and responsibility, leadership potential, and the ability to work well with others.

Your recommendation should include 1) a letter of reference; and 2) a completed Reference and Evaluation Form.

In your letter of reference, please discuss the applicant's suitability for the Native American Congressional Internship Program:

  • Address the applicant's values, interests, goals, and/or ambitions that demonstrate interest in tribal public policy or tribal governance, and commitment to tribal communities and/or Indian Country;
  • Discuss the candidate's intelligence, academic performance, analytical, research and writing abilities, and other characteristics.
  • Give examples of the applicant's leadership, community involvement and participation in Native American cultural events, tribal community activities, or tribal government;
  • Describe a significant contribution that the applicant has made to his or her tribal community, or to Indian Country;
  • Address the candidate's personal characteristics (confidence, maturity, poise, motivation and so forth) that you feel would contribute to the applicant's success as a Udall Intern.

Letters of recommendation and Reference forms for the Internship Program must be in a sealed and signed envelope and postmarked no later than .