U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Criteria for Joining the Network

Network members must have the experience necessary to lead collaborative processes involving environmental, natural or cultural resource, or public/trust lands issues, where American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and federal agencies are involved.

To join the Network you must have experience that matches both element #1 and element #2 below.

When you join the Network, any information you provide about your work experience (e.g. descriptive paragraphs and/or resumes) is provided to people seeking referrals, so please be mindful about any personal information you wish to share.

Element 1: Knowledge and/or experience with environment, natural or cultural resources, or public/trust lands issues. Examples of experience are

  • Employment with an environmental or natural or cultural resources office or department;
  • Participation as a member of a group involved in environmental, natural resources, or public/trust lands issues;
  • Regarded within the community as a person with wisdom about the earth or a steward of resources.
  • Formal education, degrees, or training; and
  • Other environmental, natural resources or cultural, or public/trust lands life or work experience.

Element 2: Experience assisting others with collaborative planning or resolving their disputes (other than experience planning or resolving disputes as an advocate or representative)

  • Where at least one participant was American Indian, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian; and
  • Where traditional dispute resolution methods (such as peacemaking, talking circles, Ho'oponopono) or "Western" alternative dispute resolution methods (such as mediation, facilitation or consensus-building) were used.

Please provide:
A brief description that demonstrates your experience in Element 1.

A paragraph-length description of at least one specific case, issue, dispute, or situation. You may also include short descriptions of any additional cases, issues, disputes or situations you wish to share.

One written verification letter from: a tribal leader (such as a tribal court official, elder, chairperson, member of the business council or equivalent) or a Native or tribal organization; or a person involved in the process (for one of the cases, issues, disputes or situations you describe). Please contact the U.S. Institute only if a verbal verification is necessary.

Additional optional information

Please consider providing other information that would be helpful to requestors, for example:

  • Your Tribe/Native community affiliation;
  • A list of tribes or Native communities with whom you have worked;
  • Conflict resolution training you have received or delivered;
  • Languages you speak; and
  • Fees for your services.

Lauren Nutter is available to answer your questions. Please provide your materials to her:

Lauren Nutter
Phone: 202-540-1040
Email: nativenetwork@ecr.gov