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ECR 2.0 Workshop

Posted: 6/1/2009

On May 6 - 8, the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution hosted a national strategic planning session - Technology in Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) - in Tucson, AZ. The event brought together thought leaders, technology specialists, and ECR practitioners with experience and mutual appreciation for the value technology can bring to ECR processes - and for what ECR can bring to the development of future technologies. Great progress was made toward the goal to develop a shared vision for integrating new technologies into ECR best practices to support transparency, collaboration, effective partnerships, and improved decision making in ECR. The Session included an introductory Technology Fair presenting innovative applications of technology to ECR programs, with interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and mini-trainings, followed by one and a half days of working sessions to develop the national strategic plan. For further information about the Technology in ECR National Strategic Planning Session, go to:

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