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National Assessment of Travel Management Planning by the USDA Forest Service: Challenges, Recommendations, and Best Practices for Public Involvement

Posted: 7/1/2009

At the request of the USDA Forest Service, the US Institute recently contracted with the Institute for Environmental Negotiation (University of Virginia) to undertake an independent assessment of the Forest Service’s travel management planning process. The assessment analyzes the agency’s experience to date, and offers specific recommendations to Forest Service personnel as they work to complete travel management planning efforts throughout the national forest system. The report also provides valuable insights and guidance to those citizens who are engaged as members of the public in these planning processes. Drawing on lessons from individual projects, the report identifies key issues and challenges that are common to travel management planning efforts, with each issue and challenge serving as the basis for specific recommendations. The assessment is based principally on discussions with leaders representing key stakeholder groups, including motorized recreation, non-motorized recreation, conservation, Forest Service staff, and local government.

The report is also available, along with summary components (Recommendations, Key Principles for Successful Collaboration, Guidelines for Effective Conflict Resolution, and Appendices) on the Institute for Environmental Negotiation’s website at:

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