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Posted: 9/13/2017

The Udall Foundation is pleased to announce that Brian J. Manwaring accepted the position of Director of its U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution effective April 30, 2017. He has been the Acting Director since January. Mr. Manwaring brings more than 19 years’ experience helping groups learn, solve problems and resolve disputes collaboratively.

The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) helps Federal agencies and other stakeholders resolve environmental, public lands and natural resources conflicts and build capacity for environmental collaboration and conflict resolution. The U.S. Institute’s range of services include consultations, assessments, process design, convening, neutral selection, mediation, facilitation, training, case management, program design and other related activities covered by the Udall Foundation’s enabling legislation.

Mr. Manwaring has been with the U.S. Institute for nearly 10 years, where he most recently served as Acting Director and prior to that as a Senior Program Manager. During that time, he led more than 30 projects and worked on numerous challenging public policy issues. He effectively managed programs focused on water resources and training/capacity building and provided collaboration, conflict resolution and civic engagement services on a variety of national, regional and local topics. Prior to joining the Udall Foundation, he consulted at an environmental engineering firm, CH2M, for five years. In that role, he supported water and transportation projects with collaborative, participatory and decision analysis services. He has experience working on large, complex and challenging cases, particularly in the water resources arena.

Udall Foundation Executive Director Philip Lemanski said, “During the time Brian was the Acting Director for the U.S. Institute, he demonstrated the same qualities he has always brought to his project work: intelligence, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, the ability to hear all sides of any issue and a willingness to share his knowledge and mentor colleagues. Those qualities, in addition to the continuing demand for his project expertise by U.S. Institute partners, has allowed him to lead by doing. We are very pleased that he has agreed to be our permanent director.”

Mr. Manwaring received a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution with a concentration in Environmental Policy from the University of Denver. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science and Decisions Support Systems from Virginia Tech. He is a recent past co-chair for the Association for Conflict Resolution's Environment and Public Policy section (ACR EPP), and has served on the ACR EPP Leadership Council for nearly five years.

"We are very pleased to have Brian join the Udall Foundation leadership team. His dedication to preserve the Udall family legacy through his work at the Foundation has been exceptional. We’re excited about the future of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, and are confident that Brian will play a key role in our success,” said Eric Eberhard, chair of the Udall Foundation Board of Trustees.

About the Udall Foundation

Established by Congress in 1992, the Udall Foundation awards scholarships, fellowships and internships for study in fields related to the environment and to Native Americans and Alaska Natives in fields related to health care and Tribal public policy; provides funding to the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy and to the Native Nations Institute to conduct environmental policy research, research on Native American and Alaska Native health care issues and Tribal public policy issues, and training; and provides assessment, mediation, training and other related services through the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution.

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