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National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

National Roster of ECR Professionals - FAQs

The NCECR's roster for environmental conflict resolution (ECR) professionals is an important resource for anyone interested in finding ECR professionals. Being a roster member allows you to create a professional profile and increase awareness about the dispute resolution and collaborative problem-solving services you offer. Here is some more information on the ways being a roster member can professionally benefit you: Read more...

  • Searchers on the roster include representatives of Federal agencies, Tribes, state and local government, environmental/conservation NGOs, industry, academics, the general public, and others.
  • The NCECR relies on the roster as a primary resource for identifying professionals when making referrals and when locating neutrals for contract solicitations, particularly to implement the NCECR's enabling legislation, which directs the NCECR to use service providers in the geographic area of the dispute to the maximum extent possible.
  • EPA Conflict Prevention and Dispute Resolution Center, Regional EPA ADR personnel, and the administrators of the EPA prime ECR contract, DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution and DOI Dispute Resolution Council use the roster as a resource, as do federal personnel in the Department of Transportation.
  • Networking and teaming opportunities may arise as a result of membership.
  • Roster members are included in periodic emails on items of interest, including updates from the NCECR, relevant information for the field, etc.
  • You can regularly update your profile with information about your recent and past case experience, contact information, current rates, etc.
  • Every time you log in as a member, you can view basic statistics regarding how many times your profile has been viewed and how many match lists you have been listed on.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback directly to the roster manager and anonymously in an annual roster member evaluation survey.

General FAQs About Applying

What is the purpose of the Roster of ECR Professionals?
The National Roster of Environmental Dispute Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals was developed to improve access to qualified professionals for all who are sponsoring or engaging in ECR processes. It streamlines the process of identifying qualified neutrals appropriate for a given environmental dispute by providing a useful search tool and centrally located resource from which anyone can systematically identify experienced ECR professionals.

Does being a roster member guarantee that I will receive conflict resolution work?
No. Being listed on the roster does not guarantee work as a neutral. The roster serves as a resource for neutral identification, but the decision about what roster members receive work rests with the roster searchers.

May I work as an impartial third party/neutral in environmental disputes involving federal agencies if I am not listed on the roster?
Yes. Federal government personnel and parties to environmental or natural resources issues who are seeking the services of neutrals need not limit their search to professionals listed on the roster. Federal agencies are not required to select from the roster and professionals not on the roster remain fully eligible to serve as ECR professionals in disputes involving federal agencies.

FAQs About the Entry Criteria

How do I qualify?
Experience as an environmental dispute resolution or consensus building professional is required. Entry criteria for being listed on the roster include having: 1) served as the principal professional on two to ten complex environmental conflicts totaling 200 case hours in aggregate; and 2) accumulated a total of 60 points across three categories relating to case experience, training work, and substantive background. Read Roster Entry Criteria.

Are Federal employees eligible to apply?
Federal employees who meet the entry criteria for the roster may be listed. If you are a Federal employee and considering applying to the roster, consult with your agency's ethics officer regarding policies on employment outside of the work place prior to completing the roster application.

How are the entry criteria used?
The entry criteria are used to provide a fair and consistent basis on which to place applicants on the roster. The criteria help ensure that professionals listed on the roster have sufficient experience and knowledge for various environmental cases.

How are applications evaluated?
Roster applications are manually scored according to the roster entry criteria and data provided in the application. The roster manager, who also is responsible for reference checks, reviews each application.

What if I don't meet the entry criteria?
Individuals who do not qualify for listing on the roster may re-apply as their professional experience develops. Individuals who are not included on the roster are in no way barred from work on disputes involving federal agencies.

FAQs About the Application

Where do I submit my application?
All applications must be submitted electronically via the roster website. You can create an account to begin your roster application here.

If I don't have enough room in a section of the application, can I add a page?
No. The information you provide must fit within the established parameters of the roster application form. These parameters were established to provide a consistent level of information about each professional listed on the roster. Attachments to your application such as a resume or an additional page will not be considered in the review of your application. If your application is approved, you will then be able to attach a resume and submit additional information for your profile.

If my application is accepted, can I update it and if so how frequently?
When an applicant is accepted to the roster they will then have the opportunity to update a professional profile and some application information is moved to the profile to assist in updating. You must keep your profile information current in order to remain on the roster.

Will the references I provide be available to parties searching the roster?
The NCECR will not release the names of the references you provide. The NCECR uses reference information to verify the information submitted on the roster application. If you wish, you may provide parties with references.

What if I believe the NCECR has mistakenly found me ineligible for listing on the roster?
If you believe a mistake has been made, contact State in your email the basis for your belief that an error has been made. The NCECR will review your application and provide a prompt reply.

FAQs for Searching the Roster

What are my search options?
There are several different ways to search the roster of ECR professionals:
  • Search by selecting the relevant basic 'search options'. This searches against all ECR Professional profiles in the database and returns only those that match the selected filters.
  • Select 'Advanced Search Options' to select more filters for your search, such as availability through GSA Schedule
  • Search by name/organization
  • Search all the ECR Professional resumes by keywords

What is a match list?
A saved match list allows an individual logged into the roster system to save the profiles of roster professionals that match specific search criteria. For example, a search may be done that includes professionals with experience in rulemaking committees. You may name and save the list of professionals that match this experience and then refer to it whenever you like. You may also edit the match list and add or remove roster professionals from the list at any time.

Registered searchers may create a PDF of the list of ECR professionals that are included in the match list or create PDFs of the profiles (summary or full) of up to 10 professionals in the match list.

What are saved search criteria?
Saved search criteria allows an individual logged into the roster system to save the exact filtered search criteria utilized to develop the list of qualified professionals. This option allows registered searchers the opportunity to reference exact search parameters at any time in the future and re-run the search. The search criteria may be edited and resaved; in doing so, the searcher would override the previous saved search.

Registered searchers may create a PDF of the list of ECR professionals that meet the qualifications in the saved search criteria or create PDFs of the summary or full profile of up to 10 professionals that meet the search criteria.

Must I be registered to search?
No, but you must be a registered searcher to create match lists and save specific sets of search criteria. This can be helpful if you want to create and reference specific lists of professionals to refer to at a late or send to a colleague.

What is an advanced search?
An advanced search provides you an expanded set of search criteria filters to use in your search. If you are looking for specific qualifications or types of experience from a professional, these expanded search filters will help you narrow the search for professionals that meet your needs.

Where does the information in the searches originate?
ECR professionals who are members of the roster regularly update their profiles to reflect their case experience and expertise. The roster searches the profile data to give you a list of professionals that meet your criteria.

What are my print options?
If you are not a registered searcher, you can select 'view profile' for any professional and then print the profile. You can print as many profiles as you’d like, but you can only print them one at a time.

If you are logged in as a registered searcher, applicant, or practitioner, you have three print options on the main roster search page under 'create pdf'. First you must select the practitioner’s profiles you wish to print by checking the box to the left of their name. Then you can:
  • Create a pdf of the basic contact information for those selected professionals
  • Create a pdf of profile summaries for up to 10 practitioners
  • Create a pdf of full profiles for up to 10 practitioners

Can I print multiple profiles?
When you are logged in, you can use the 'create a pdf' function to print up to 10 practitioner profiles at one time. If you wish to print more than 10 profiles, you must create separate pdfs and print the resulting sets of 10.

What is the search resume function?
Many ECR professionals have extensive case listings and curricula vitae that offer insight into their experience in addition to their profiles. A resume search will allow you to search the entire database of resumes provided by Roster members. Enter a keyword that you wish to search for to find roster member resumes that include this keyword.