U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

The U.S. Institute, under federal law, helps federal agencies and other affected stakeholders address environmental disputes, conflicts, and challenges through programs and services that provide situation assessments; conflict resolution; facilitated collaboration; and capacity building, including training and program assessment.

We provide independent services to address environmental disputes or conflicts, such as helping parties work together, building shared understandings of issues, and finding ways to address those issues. We focus on a wide range of environmental, natural resources, and public lands issues involving federal agencies. And, as neutral conveners and facilitators, we serve all parties in a dispute.

Service Areas

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  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Land Use and Management
  • Landscape-Scale Issues
  • Marine and Freshwater
  • Native American and Alaska Native
    Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
  • Protected Areas and Species
  • Transportation and Infrastructure

Tucson Office Contact

Brian Manwaring
(520) 901-8529

DC Office Contact

Stephanie Kavanaugh
(202) 540-1041