John S. McCain III
National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

National Roster of ECR Professionals - Search the Roster

The roster search provides you an opportunity to search the profiles of highly qualified ECR Professionals. There are several ways to search the Roster:

  • Search by selecting the relevant basic "search options". This searches against all ECR Professional profiles in the database and returns only those that match the selected filters.
  • Select "Advanced Search Options" to select more filters for your search, such as availability through GSA Schedule.
  • Search by name/organization.
  • Search all the ECR Professional resumes by keywords.

When you Search the Roster, you will find all the search options on the left. The grid in the center of the page initially shows all of the Roster members. The grid will update with available professionals according to the search filters you have selected. The system is designed so that your searches will rarely return zero results.

If you become a registered searcher, you will be able to save searches and search criteria for future reference.

If you have questions about the search, please contact the Roster Coordinator at or (202) 540-1040.