Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

Apply - Advice and Guidance

Here you will find advice from the Udall Foundation, Udall Foundation faculty representatives, and Scholar alumni that will help you prepare an effective application for the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship.

Advice from the Udall Foundation

Work closely with your Udall Foundation faculty representative
Ask them for feedback on your short essay answers and essay.

Articulate a career "path" or field
Even if you don't know exactly what you want to do, be clear about what issues you want to work on and how you're preparing yourself to have an impact. Clearly explain how you plan to use your education and experiences to affect environmental issues, or benefit your Tribe or Indian country.

Show your commitment
Use the short essays to highlight your community service, activities, internships, and research in support of environmental policies or Native issues.

Demonstrate how you go about problem-solving or consensus-building
Choose examples that show you working with others, mediating conflicts, or identifying solutions to problems.

Illustrate your leadership potential
Show how you can motivate others, bring people together, take initiative, and implement practical solutions.

Request your transcripts well in advance
Remember that you'll also need to submit transcripts from any colleges or universities that you attended before your current school (except for courses taken during high school).

Briefly identify and explain any activities or honors that readers are unlikely to understand

Answer Question #8 (additional personal information)
Write about an interest, activity, research project, or anything else that hasn't been expanded upon elsewhere in the application.

Alert the Udall Foundation to any unusual circumstances or hardship
Examples include situations that may have affected your academic performance or limited your activities.