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Report a Vulnerability

Use this page to report a vulnerability discovered in one of our products or services. Anonymous reports are accepted, but contact information is appreciated in order to establish a proper line of communication.

Vulnerability reports will be processed and handled in accordance with the Udall Foundation's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.

Please describe the location of the product or service the vulnerability was discovered. For instance, a specific URL or screen. This information is required. (Maximum length: 500 characters)

Please describe the impact that exploiting the vulnerability has on the Udall Foundation. Examples include password exposure, database access, exposure of internal resources, etc.. This information is required.

Please describe the steps needed to reproduce the vulnerability. This can include proof of concept scripts or code. This information is required.

Contact Information
Please provide your name and email address, so we can contact you to confirm receipt of report and to provide updates on remediation of the vulnerability. This information is optional but encouraged.