John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Udall Certificate in Environmental Collaboration

The Udall Certificate in Environmental Collaboration is intended for professionals in government, nonprofits, or the private sector who would like to broaden their communication, negotiation, and facilitation skills in ECCR. Udall Certificate recipients demonstrate an understanding of tools and techniques used to

  • Systematically analyze conflict and collaborative opportunities
  • Design appropriate collaboration and conflict resolution processes
  • Manage conflict and build cooperation amongst diverse groups and teams
  • Generate options, reach agreement, and document decisions to foster long-term commitments
  • Communicate in ways that foster long-term relations and collaboration
  • Understand behaviors that build trust and cooperation between people, diverse groups, and teams

Our trainers are professional negotiators, facilitators, and mediators with years of applied practice. We present strategies learned in the real world and provide multiple opportunities for skills practice. To earn the Udall Certificate in Environmental Collaboration, candidates must complete five courses within a five-year period.

I see opportunities to apply skills I learn across all levels of work—modeling collaborative leadership skills for others; interpreting conflicts; creating more effective collaborations for problem solving.

- Udall Certificate candidate

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All NCECR training courses count toward the Udall Certificate. Contact the NCECR’s Training Analyst to learn more about the Udall Certificate and how this program can be brought to your agency, institution, or organization.