John S. McCain III
National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Areas of Expertise and Service Areas

The National Center fosters collaboration and helps resolve issues, conflicts, and disputes among Federal, State, and Local agencies; Native Nations; stakeholders; and the public on environmental, natural resources, and public lands issues.

We can:

  • Help identify the parties affected by the issue or decision.
  • Create a forum to clarify the goals, objectives, and needs of everyone involved.
  • Engage diverse groups of people and/or perspectives to explore solutions collaboratively.
  • Provide tools for informed discussions that lead to sound decisions.
  • Convene and facilitate interagency environmental collaboration.

In over 20 years, the National Center has worked on more than 650 projects impacting Federal agencies and their partners. Our staff has decades of experience working in various environmental sectors, addressing a broad array of subject matter. You can read more about our sector-specific experience and locate a staff contact who works on issues like yours in the following Areas of Expertise.

Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes
Public Lands
Transportation and Infrastructure

In addition, our Service Areas offer specialized collaborative tools, techniques, approaches, training, and capacity-building and programmatic support to complement our conventional environmental collaboration and conflict resolution services in specific topical or substantive areas. You can read more about our Service Areas and find a staff contact at the links below.

Native American and Alaska Native