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Our trainings are dynamic and highly interactive. Each course provides opportunities to practice new environmental collaboration and conflict resolution (ECCR) skills through exercises that simulate real-life situations, peer-to-peer sharing, and discussions on immediate challenges in ECCR. These courses are open to professionals from all fields.

Both trainers were very knowledgeable and friendly—asking questions and voicing opinions were encouraged, which contributed to a positive learning environment—participants were encouraged to learn from each other and from the trainers.

- NCECR Training participant


Our scheduled and forthcoming trainings are displayed in the table below. To register, please click the “Register” link for your desired course in the table below.

If you would like additional information about any of our course offerings, please contact the National Center’s Training Analyst.

Course DescriptionSchedule
Collaboration in NEPA

Participants will learn how to assess and plan for successful collaboration in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes using appropriate tools, techniques, and best practices. Participants also will develop a better understanding of the policy goals of NEPA and the benefits of using collaborative approaches to achieve those goals. This interactive and experiential training will include real-world NEPA case studies and skills practice and enable participants to analyze the potential and plan for collaboration in upcoming NEPA activities. 2 days. Collaboration in NEPA - A Handbook for NEPA Practitioners.
Aug. 11-12, 2020 Course Postponed
Collaboration with Native Nations and Tribal Consultation

This training is intended for federal agencies and representatives of Native nations engaged in Government-to-Government (G-to-G) interactions who want to improve intergovernmental relations. Participants will develop—through exposure to a broad range of concepts and skills—awareness of the many facets of G-to-G consulting, including history, law, policy, sovereignty, protocol, collaboration, communication skills, and resources available.

Crafting Collaborative Solutions to Environmental Conflicts

Course 2 of 2 in the Fundamentals of Environmental Collaboration & Conflict Resolution (ECCR) Series

Participants in this interactive course will refine their understanding of environmental collaboration and conflict resolution, with a focus on designing collaborative processes and helping multi-party groups use interest-based negotiation and facilitation to craft collaborative solutions. Participants will gain insight and skills relevant to developing a collaborative process, managing group dynamics, and leading groups through the process to find creative solutions to complex environmental and public policy issues. 3 days.
Sept. 1-3, 2020 Course Postponed
Understanding Conflict and Planning for Successful Collaboration

Course 1 of 2 in the Fundamentals of Environmental Collaboration & Conflict Resolution (ECCR) Series

Participants in this course will develop an understanding of the many facets of environmental collaboration and conflict resolution including using interest-based negotiation to uncover interests and assess the situation, using these findings in the development of a collaborative process, and practicing collaborative communication skills that help foster long term relationships. This training exposes participants to the broad range of concepts and skills to effectively manage environmental conflicts and collaborative processes. 2 days.

April 12-20, 2021 Course is Full!